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Saturday, October 24, 2009

This Blog's Title and Why the Anonymity/Haiku Sunday

First off, the blog's title. I know that when anyone uses the word "musings" in anything really, but especially a blog title, it probably causes a lot of shrugging and mumbling of the phrase, "hm, this guy must be a little douchy," among those who read it. I mean "musings," really? I should just call it Masturbations from the Big Pink (ooh, dirty!) and be done with it.

But . . . the title is actually a bastardization of Music From Big Pink, which is the title of The Band's first album. It was written entirely in and around a big pink house. So, I hope that makes the title seem a little less pretentious. Maybe it makes it worse. I don't know.

Second: My anonymity. I didn't start out to write this blog anonymously. I've got nothing to hide. But as I was reading blogs and getting ready to start, I came across some blogging tips that suggested anonymity is not a bad idea . And with my wife being a teacher, I said ok and went incognito. The problem is, I have a beautiful family. And I am very proud of them. I want to post pictures of them all the time, but I can't. it is a struggle for me. So I have decided to post likenesses of my family. One time only, never to be shown again. I hope you who read this blog from time to time find them as beautiful as I do:

Aren't they beautiful? Did I get anyone? Craft time with my 2-1/2 year old again. My poor wife. That is not an accurate representation of her. She is a beautiful woman with deep and expressive green eyes and full lips and wild and curly auburn hair. My rendition makes her look like a lunatic woman who got into the lipstick and did 6 or 7 heavy-handed laps around the outside of her mouth before finally eating it.

My likeness is a little off too. I feel that it looks like a retarded Tony Danza. Is that redundant? I feel that it looks like Tony Danza. The kids are both pretty spot on. They are both chalk white-skinned, pink-cheeked, demon babies whose eyes consist only of giant iris' and pupils.

Haiku Sunday

Drove the Zamboni again today. Someday I'll crash right through the boards, out of the building, and cover the entire city in a 1/4 inch layer of ice. BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Haiku time:

Skates gleam, wicked blades
slashing sticks make bloody ice
Now go have some fun.


  1. I laughed out loud and my boys wanted to know why, so I pointed out your piece de resistance, and commented on how much it really does look like Tony Danza. Their answer, "O-o-k-a-y, who is Tony Danza?"

  2. Oy, I am getting old. I could've said Lee majors or Bonnie Franklin. Same difference to anyone under 30. I am so glad you laughed.

  3. Always home-Thank you for the the visit and the complement.

  4. I decided to follow you as soon as I saw that "this guy must be a little douchy" line. Then it got funnier.

  5. I get the whole anonymity thing, really I do. I just want to know if you live near me. Since I won't disclose my location, I think we're both destined to never meet. *sigh*

  6. a retarded Tony Danza? Uh, how is that new? Geez...

  7. Dude... I aspire to your life. Stay at home dad with a solid laugh out loud blog presence. Well, until we have a baby or twin baby girls magically appear in the back seat of our car without the process of adopting, I'll have to content myself with living vicariously. In the meantime, check out my blog at I think you'll find a kindred spirit.

  8. You also look like that dork guy from Friends.

    I probably need to be more specific, huh?

    The tall one with the weird voice.

  9. No I don't think your cartoon looks like Tony Danza. I say Tony Danza looks like your cartoon, because I saw your cartoon first and googled him later :D.

    A cute family I must say :)

    Yes, when I started blogging in 2008, I too chose anonymity. There were some careful considerations and I don't remember them all, but some of the things were:

    Nothing I say should accidentally tie back to and affect my job. People can be loons. Nothing I say should have repercussions on me or my family through actions of loony readers who took something the wrong way (or right way). Third, internet is like a public place. In a public place you don't go around spelling your name and all identifiers out to any random person. Heck internet is worse, because what you spell out once will probably never go away and will be available timelessly, and to people you don't even know it is available to! And lastly, being anonymous is guaranteed way of getting appreciated for your thoughts and thoughts alone, stripped of the prejudices that are inherent in real life such as face, physique, race, religion, place of living, personality, job title, etc etc. What can be more idealistic and awesome? :)


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