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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Dribs and drabs?

What's a good cutesy title for a post where you just have a couple quick things to say and you want to get them out of the way? Leftovers? Loose strings? Bits'npieces! I think that is the one that would make someone want to kick me in my bb's.
Bongos? Bingos!


First, I felt weird about my last post. So this is an apology.

My wife said: "Rape jokes aren't funny."

I said: "You're smiling. And besides, it's more of a not worthy of you so I have to blah blah blah annoying senseless noises coming from my mouth. And rape jokes are too funny. And you're smiling."

She said: "I'm your wife (implication: "you butt munch.").

So, that might be an ok point. So I apologize if I offended.

Secondly, my 2 year old girl has started conversing about her vagina lately. Often, I'm fine with it.

This exchange however, I actually found delightful.

Peanut: (her name) has a 'gina."

Me: yes you do sweetie.

Peanut: "Daddy and Baby pumpkin man have a penis."

Me: That's right, very good.

Peanut: (her name) has a 'gina and mommy have a gina. Mommy have a big BIG 'gina.

I'm sure this is purely a matter of perspective.


Homemaker Man


  1. Haha! I'm sure mommy is glad to hear that she has a gigantic vagina. ;)

  2. Came across you from Always Home and Uncool.

    This sounds exactly like a conversation I've had with my daughter. Only, she can't remember the word vagina, and it becomes a va-jong-jong. Which personally, I find to be quite exotic

    I'll be back!

  3. Candace-Now it's a gigantic internet vagina at that.

    Sass- Thanks!

  4. Found you from Sticky Feet blog, I think...Anyway, I take no offense to the rape joke. I have laughed my ass off at MUCH worse. That's what I get for hanging our with male rugby players, though.


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