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Friday, May 21, 2010

Country Weekend

Leaving tonight, back sunday day.  We need stuff.

Kids:  Toothbrushes/paste, vitamins, meds,  3 changes of clothes ea., extra clothes-- cold weather and warm, undies, 2 pjs ea, cold and warm. extra pjs, extra clothes and pjs, diapers, snacks, extra diapers, cups with straws, teddy bear, ball, towels? bathing suits  extra diapers.  bath stuff.

Wife and I:  Clothes, sweatpants, each other.

Dog:  Leash. collar, dog bowl, food, flea medicine.

Kids have runny noses.  Tissues.  Wipes.  tissues.  More clothes.  Shoes.

Luckily where we're going, they won't need toys or books.  That sentence sounded kind of ominous.  Like we're vacationing on the River Styx (Mr. Roboto!)

We're actually going to be in Maine.  Lake Sebago.  With their "aunties."  Still too cold to swim, but it's nice enough to go walking, hiking, strolling, ambling, roaming, meandering (my favorite), shuffling, traversing, cantering (ooh), perambulating, wending, (the pman likes) toddling, lumbering, slogging, or even sauntering, if we're feeling cocky.  

If anyone happens to be in the woods in that area this weekend, and notices a man quietly falling behind his family so he can collapse into a pile of pine boughs and nap til they notice he's missing, that's me.  Hi!

have a great weekend folks.  Hope to have some good stuff to report.  Until Monday, Fare the well, mighty warriors.  Fare thee well.

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  1. I'll keep my fingers crossed you sneak that nap without the bears eating you.

  2. Have fun, our weather is supposed to be great this weekend.

  3. Have fun at Sebago Lake. Tell everyone I said Hey!

  4. Sebago Lake is a great area...about 1 hr. from my house. I'll wave to you guys on your way by!


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