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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Holiday Pics

Is there anything cuter on this planet than my kids?  Probably your kids, if you have any.  Otherwise, no.  Unless you are one of those people who treat their dogs like their children, in which case still no, and you're an asshole.  And if you have nieces or nephews who you think are as cute as my kids, well you need to start thinking about settling down and getting married, because those are not your kids and your attachment to them is a little creepy.

Of course all this is moot, because in these pics I can't actually show you their faces. So for all you know, they could be melty-faced freaks or horrible pig-snouted people like in that Twilight Zone episode.  Or maybe they have no faces at all to speak of.  Just smooth flesh and a couple of breathing holes.  I just gave myself the heebie-jeebies.

Ok.  Without further ado, T-Day Pics:

The peanut

The Pumpkin Man

This is open to interpretation.  It's either a little love between siblings on a holiday morning or a clear get your hand off my fucking toy message.  Either way, awwwwwwww.

Ok, there are just a fraction of our holiday pics.  This post is really going to suck over at NaBLoPoMo, because I am sure as hell not going to re-post these pics all over again over there.

Homemaker Man


  1. They are very, very cute indeed, what a neat project. How is the germ warfare situation at the Big Pink?


    GWS (I almost edited that out of my post, but, I didn't because I knew it would make you, and likely you alone, smile)

  2. We've fought the germs to a stand still at the moment. Peanut is a little better, wife is the same. Me and P-man are holding pretty steady. I'm glad you left in the nickname, it suits you. ; )

  3. Ok, wow, I'm insulted that you think I'm creepy. . . I can live vicariously through your family if I want to!


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