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Friday, November 27, 2009


My wife brought it home.  The most ominous 3 word phrase currently in circulation.  Flu.  Like.  Symptoms.  She teaches high school.  High school kids are disease carriers like deer ticks, or tsetse flies, or pig worms.  Or Capuchin monkeys.  And now it is in my home.

The Peanut has it.  Temp. of 101.5.  Called the doctor.  It used to be that with a temp like that the office would be like, "would you like to schedule an appointment?"  Now when I called they basically said if she doesn't get worse, keep that shit there.  I'm sure they're overwhelmed with paranoid helicopter parents and their safety padded children.  I imagine a bunch of little kids running around wearing neck braces they don't need and being yelled at for running.

Which is fine.  We did get the babies vaccinated last week.  That one shot should help.  Though of course you need two to really be sure.  So all that time in line worked out well

I'm worried about her.  The motrin is working to keep her temp under control so far.  She does not want me to take her temperature anymore.  She tried to convince me it was the Pumpkin Man's turn.  Which it may be soon enough.  Which is scary.  He's just a little guy.  

It's been rough on my wife, though she tries to shake it off.

As for me, I am still healthy.  I take precautions.  Hand washing, vitamins, etc.  I feel confident that i'll be able to avoi . . . what is that?  What . . . is that . . .no.  Oh my God, there is a rip in my Hazmat suit.  There is a rip in my hazmat suit!.  Well, I might as well have some tart pie and ice cream.  No sense worrying about cholesterol.

I am sooo tired of this posting every day crap.

Disease riddenly yours,

Homemaker Man

P.S.  I know I said there would be turkey hat picks.  tomorrow, I promise


  1. If she's fighting the thermometer, she's not too sick. I haven't taken anyone's temperature around here since 1992.

  2. Ugh.

    I thought the flu shot took two weeks to work, no?

    Good luck, and patch that rip up with some duct tape quick!

  3. I've known so many people with the flu this year that it seems normal now. I hope your family gets back on track soon.

    I saw a movie once where John Travolta was this boy in a plastic bubble. It was called "The boy in a plastic bubble" or something.

    Maybe you can get yourself one of those on craig's list?

  4. OMG How did I miss this :( I read everything too late.. . . P-man's turn, what a riot.


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