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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Cheater cheater

I am going to sort of cheat tonight by posting a piece I wrote some years ago. It doesn't have much to do with the familial subject matter I usually post, but I thought it was pretty good when I wrote it. I hope this doesn't become a habit, because I don't have much else left in my personal archives to post. Anyway . . .

Jesus and Buddha

Jesus and Buddha were talking one day and Jesus said to Buddha, "The only way to reach heaven is for all people to recognize my suffering, and to understand that they are burdened with Original sin. That they are not able to attain the kingdom of heaven without my assent. Without that, they are damned."

"Well" said Buddha, "People must not suffer. They must try to walk the eightfold path, to attain wisdom, virtue, and powers of concentration. If they cannot, they will not be freed from the Earth, but will have to try again in another form."

"My kingdom will be shared with all those who recognize me as their one Lord and Savior, and to them will be given dominion over all of the beasts on Earth." said Jesus.

"People must realize that this world is a world shared by all beings, and that all beings on the Earth are equals," said Buddha.

"If people who are of the same gender lay together, they will not attain the kingdom of heaven. They will be damned for all eternity," said Jesus.

"People must find their own path to happiness in this regard. As long as their actions do not cause suffering to themselves or others, I say let them do what brings them peace," said Buddha.

"Well, you're fat," said Jesus.

I guess I also felt like posting this because of the way the vote came down in Maine today. I am not anti-religion or anti-christianity. I believe that the institution has done good in the past and will do more in the future. I just hate that it gives bigots an excuse to deny people their human rights. If you're going to be a bigot, at least step up and take responsibility for it.

Alright, I promise, no more soap box tomorrow. Back to the good stuff. If you want a post with the usual subject mater, yesterday's actually came out pretty decent.

lazily and disappointedly yours,

Homemaker Man

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  1. So, I totally statrted a coment, then went off, and off even further, and off even further on a typical rant... I think I might just post it in my own blog, though. ha ha.


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