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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Homemaker Man Thanksgiving

I'm cooking this year.  Should be some good food.  I'll have you know I am possibly a slightly above average cook.

I've been cooking thanksgiving dinner off and on for about 13 years now, but the past few, this one included,  have been a bit different.

When I was in my early twenties, my grandparents retired to Canada(what?), and that was that for family holiday get togethers.  I would get invites from other people, but more often than not I would politely decline.  I loooved cooking Thanksgiving dinner.

Back then, Thanksgiving consisted of me, whatever other friends that were without plans that year, some beer, some weed, and my home cookin'.   Home cooking which did not include turkey.  I was raised by hippies, vegetarians, so we didn't do turkey.  What I did do was a delicious seafood casserole.  Shrimp, scallops. haddock, wine, etc.  Then all the traditional trimmings.

The food may not have come out as good as it does now( I don't remember), but who cared?  We were wrecked and there was always chocolate cream pie at the end.  Those Thanksgivings were so much fun that once or twice I stayed home alone and threw them just for myself.  Loved it.  A few people would eventually come by later in the day anyway.

The past few years, I've had my family to cook for.  There is no weed, and very little alcohol.   I have a whole turkey breast brining in the fridge right now.  No need for a whole turkey, it's just us this year.  Can't really afford to do the seafood casserole, and the babies probably wouldn't like it anyway.

I am so excited.  It's the Pumpkin Man's first Thanksgiving.  And the first one the Peanut will really be into.  I stayed up to get the turkey in the brine and clean up the dining room nice for the pictures.  And I still love to cook.  And maybe there will be a drop or two of wine or beer while I cook.  Just to wake up the palate and alert the ol' taste buds, dontcha ya know.  I hope to blog about the day as it goes or at least take notes and report at the end.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone from the "straight edge" families like mine, to the hippies and freaks like me.

I am thankful for my family, this house,  and nap time.


Homemaker Man

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  1. Hey ho! Found you via nanoblo blah blah. We are in similar situations except, you know, I'm not a dude. Two very young kids (2 yr and 3 1/2 mo), three cats and a big stupid dog (greyhound).

    I'll be adding you to my reader and look forward to reading more adventures. :D


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