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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Alright, Almost Done, right?

I've been doing this posting every day for a month thing for a while now. I've got to be almost done. Let me check the calendar . .



Dearest wife,

I love you. I am sorry about this evening and the last few days. I know, I said that already.

I've been hard on you, you said. "I'm sorry," I said. "I'm tired and it's been a little rough around here with the kids the last couple of days." Ok, you said. But it wasn't ok. You're worried something larger is wrong.

"I wish I had something more satisfying to give you," I said.

You said, yeah. You were quiet for a while. I asked what was wrong, you said, nothing. Nothing, I guess. Then you excused yourself and went to bed.

Please believe me when I tell you, there is nothing more to this story. I am sorry and I love you and as far as I can tell, everything is good.

You are my light and my strength. You are my morning star. You are the oxygen in my breaths. The synapses in my brain. The strength in my muscles. The nucleus of my cells. The phospholipids in my cell membranes(too far?).

You are the whimsy in my impulses and the organization in my plans. You are my liberty and my security.

Whatever I do and whatever I've done, I know that as long as I'm good with you, than I'm good, no matter what. Fired from a job, shunned by my family, grand larceny, armed robbery, violent, bloody, crime spree, a sudden infatuation with the life and music of Toby Keith (definitely too far) as long as you still love me, I'm ok. You are my moral compass.

Anyway, I'm coming up to bed now. If you are awake I'll hold you and tell you again how much I love you, If you're asleep, I will kiss you gently and hope that the tenderness reaches you in your dreams.

Love, your devoted husband,

Homemaker Man


  1. Somebody wants to get laid REAL bad.

  2. tekietek-Is that sarcastic?

    Candice-So you're saying it's good right? Thank you. As far as getting laid goes, I got that covered. I'm dead sexy.


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