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Saturday, November 7, 2009

I love that my kids are interested in these things

Pizza.  Both of them are big fans.  My 10 month old'll take your hand off at the waist if you try to take it away from him.

the Great Escape.  My favorite WWII movie.  Had it on the other day and the Peanut was watching.  Steve McQueen is cool at any age,

Bob Dylan. Some Live footage from the Newport folk festival the of the 2 years before and the year he went electric.  She really liked it.  I was overcome..

Latin Jazz.  They just both seem to love that conga.

Beatles songs.  They make the best lullabyes.

Reading.  The Peanut has some sight words and often declares that she'll "read it myself," and the Pumpkin Man finds books delicious.

Playing the drums.  This one has bitten me on the ass a little bit.  But they both like it.

Basketball.  Although the first time either of them tries to drive to the basket I will swat that weak shit.

Cooking.  The peanut makes multiple batches of cookies and sausages (two of her favorites) every day.

Talking.  They are both very verbal.  And while the Pumpkin man is pre-verbal, I always get an accurate translation of his squawks and mono-syllables from his sister.

Him:  AAAHHHH Muhmuhdah . . . dah HA!

Her:  "What's baby ____ sayin'?

Me:  I don't know honey, what's baby ____ saying?

Her:  "He sayin' I love  ____ she's my sister."

Of course he is darlin'.

Homemaker Hombre'


  1. Just wait, when the baby really does start talking, your daughter will be the expert translator. There have been times that my husband and I have throw up our hands in defeat just to have one of our other children pitch in with, "juice, she wants juice," complete with the, my parents are so stupid, look.

  2. throw*n*

    In my defense, my Persian's favorite spot is on my monitor ledge, so most of the time I type blind.

  3. You know Baby ____ loves _____ (almost slipped on the names for a second) Oops!

    Auntie _____ also loves ____ and ____ and ____ and ____ oh and _____ and the 3 ____s too.


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